Welcome to the home for stories produced by students from English 309: Introduction to Radio Storytelling. The course is an immersive, projects-based investigation of the craft behind  radio storytelling and radio reportage. It is taught by Ian Schimmel, Lecturer in Creative Writing in the Department of English at Rice University. Any questions about the class, or the stories featured herein, can be sent to ianschimmel@rice.edu.

Please check back soon, as the site is updated bi-annually with new stories and new voices. And thank you for taking the time to sample our work. The world is a busy place, but we think that humans are at their best when they take time to listen. 

About our title: "What did you eat for breakfast?" is a question that's commonly asked at the beginning of a recorded interview, as a means to get an interviewee talking while checking sound levels. It also made for an original domain. Also, breakfast is important.